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Glen W. Warner was born in 1940, and raised on a dairy farm in upstate New York.  Part of an active family in the Verona Seventh Day Baptist Church, most of his youth was involved in outdoor chores and church activities.

Warner graduated high school  in 1958, Active in Future Farmers of America, he had plans to study veterinary medicine at Cornell University.,   In 1959 he attended a summer youth camp program and  felt strongly called to ministry. Warner changed plans and attended Salem College in W. Va.   for that purpose. He spent summers on the farm and sold his cattle to pay for college tuition.

In 1961, Glen Warner was offered and accepted a summer job as student pastor of a church in Los Angeles. He then transferred to Whittier College , where he finished his B.A.,  in 1963.  After another summer of work on the New York farm, Glen attended Andover-Newton Theological Seminary in Boston and began the
graduate studies for Master of Theology. He completed one year in that tradition, then was invited to work in Los Angeles’ Riverside area again, the following year. Glen’s years in youth ministry in the Los Angeles area included extensive youth camp work in the San Bernadino  mountains. He  transferred to Claremont (USC) School of Theology and  graduated with the Masters of Theology degree in 1968.

Glen Warner moved to Seattle to Pastor a mission church  for three years, then was called to a new church in Denver, Colorado, working again out in in the great outdoors, in summer camps in the Rocky Mountains.  He served there for 4 years. Afterwards, Glen married the love of his life, Nancy. Together, they adopted two Vietnamese children and moved to Ashtabula.Ohio, home to her family and the family business, Molded Fiber Glass.

Glen soon became  a part of the Molded Fiber Glass Company. At MFG, Glen focused his energy on marketing and sales, including publishing, pension work, community  activities and product sales.

In 1982 Glen Warner took  6 months off from his work at MFG and ran for US Congress. Although his bid was unsuccessful, he experience led him into a position working for the White House Advance office during the Gerald Ford presidency. Glen traveled with the Advance team to several cities across the nation, to prepare for President Ford’s appearances.

In 1983  Warner joined the sales department of  MFG where he spent the remainder of his work life  traveling extensively throughout the US, primarily the western 14 states. Warner also traveled in Mexico , Canada and Europe. Some of his accounts were Freightliner Corporation (Portland, Oregon), Ford New Holland (Winnipeg, Manitoba) and Trinity Rail Cars (Dallas, Tx)  and other customers with MFG West in California.

Throughout the entire time in Ashtabula, Warner maintained active ministry roles with various churches in need of leadership, and remains involved in community projects and organizations, all to better the lives of those living in Ashtabula County  To quote Glen, “It has been a parallel  existence between business and religion which I think of, as railroad tracks, as one field managed to feed the other.”

In recent years Glen Warner has been able to travel  into the Western US National Parks, which has given rise to

Glen and Nancy have been married for 43 years, and have two grown children who are both married and have
families of their own. They currently reside in Ohio, in the Ashtabula Harbor district,
where they live and walk on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie  daily.



Glen Warner family portrait 2012

Author Glen W. Warner and his family.


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